POST-HUMPDAY HUMPBACKS! It was a beautiful day on The Pacific, filled with Common Dolphin activity, mystery whales and our first HUMPBACK WHALE sighting since mid-December! What more could you ask for? We traveled to the west this morning and cruised through numerous pods of Common Dolphins. They circled bait, working cooperatively to school fish together at the near surface alongside some California Sea Lions. With the extensive bird activity hovering above the foraging marine mammals, it was clear that the ocean was fairly productive off the coast of Mission Bay today. Further out to the west, we spotted two distinct spouts on the horizon. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm the species of both individuals. We DID get a quick look at one of them and it turned out to be an elusive FIN WHALE! We would have loved to have some more time on the water in order to observe it before heading home.

Our afternoon trip was incredible! It has been so long since we’ve seen a HUMPBACK WHALE on The Privateer! Hundreds of Common Dolphins occupied us throughout the afternoon as well. Each pod showed clear signs of hunting behavior, similar to what we witnessed on our morning trip. To our surprise, a Humpback surfaced in close proximity to the dolphins and began to associate with them. Luckily for us, the whale did not sink out for prolonged deep dives and spent most of its time at the surface, rolling to the side and fluking! This is the first Humpback Whale we’ve encountered since December 16th of last year! We’re really hoping that the Humpbacks begin to make an appearance here soon! We’ll be on the lookout.