Happy Friday! Could there be a better way to kick-start the weekend than with a trip filled with Common Dolphins and OFFSHORE BOTTLENOSE?! We think NOT. Common Dolphins were spread throughout a large stretch of ocean this morning. We encountered numerous pods of various sizes until nearly ~600 Common Dolphins were logged. While observing them, two ENORMOUS splashes on the horizon caught our attention. We made every attempt to get a close look at the big-bodied marine mammals that could have produced these disturbances but we did not have the time to do so. We can tell you that they were a very large species of baleen whale! Although our time constraint left us disappointed, we were thrilled to see that the Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins were back for another visit to San Diego! They were highly interactive with the boat today and very surface active in general. What an exciting treat! Maybe tomorrow we’ll get another chance to see the mystery whales that breached for us this morning! See you on the water, whale watchers.