Great day out on the water! The conditions were definitely in our favor with amazing visibility and glassy, smooth surface! We encountered several, scattered pods of Common dolphins during our 3 hour tour. They ranged from double digits to triple digits as we ventured further out in search of baleen whales. In total, we estimated ~600. During the middle of our trip, we got a report of a sighting of an unknown species of whale. We took our chances and headed further north for this encounter. As we got near the coordinates where it was last sighted, a small pod of Common dolphins were in the area. Suddenly, we saw a dark back and small dorsal fin emerge out of the water, spouted and went right back down. It did so just a couple times but we still could not determine the species. It came for a breath very quickly and it was quite far out. Due to time, we head to head back towards Mission Bay. We did conclude it was not a Minke whale, as guessed earlier by the report. As we searched in our Marine Mammal guide book, we believe it was a Brydes whale, which we haven’t seen in quite some time. Unfortunately, we were not able to get photos of it since it came up for a couple of breaths and it was very elusive. We never know what we will encounter on each trip, but it’s certainly a fun surprise to find out! Come join us tomorrow, Thursday, for a new adventure before tickets sell out! Trash/ Balloons – 0 Naturalist, Jaeny