It was an action packed day, aboard the Privateer! It was a rockin’ and rollin’ kind of day, full of splashes, surprises, and whales! During the morning trip, we set out to the West and found a juvenile Humpback whale! We were waiting for it to resurface, when it BREACHED out of the water right in front of us! It happened so unexpectedly no photo was captured, but it remained surface active. We were excited to see pectoral fin slaps, and tail slaps on the ocean surface. Every time it went for a dive, it arched its back and flashed us its flukes! A small pod of ~20 Common dolphins were also seen swimming all around the Humpback! We sighted another pod of ~100 Common dolphins that popped up near us. Many porpoised of the water, and rode our bow. We continued to the NW, and found the largest animal on the planet! It surfaced for several breaths, with short dive times. We even observed some interesting tail-slapping behavior! To bid us farewell, it raised its flukes for the grand finale! On our way home, more Common dolphins were seen traveling fast to the South. During the afternoon, we zoomed out to the West and along the way, a handful of Common dolphins appeared around us. Once we got to the drop-off a spout appeared in front of us! It ended up being a Blue whale! We saw many spouts, back and dorsal fins. While watching it, a second Blue whale surfaced in close proximity! We watched both as they alternated breaths, one right after the other. The larger of the two Blue whales, even showed us its massive flukes as it went down for a dive! Guests cheered with excitement as we got to see another round of surface activity and a huge wave goodbye, as the Blue whale raised its flukes again. While watching the two Blue whales, from a distance, a pod of ~50 Common dolphins were seen traveling fast to the SE. Trash/Recyclables: ZERO! Blue whale season is in full swing, we hope you come out soon! -Vanessa