The sky may not have been too blue for us this morning but the whales surely were! TWO Blue Whales and ~200 Common Dolphins were seen today! We encountered the first Blue Whale of the day roughly 11 miles from the coast and were able to position ourselves beside it for two full (and long!) breathing cycles at the surface. As we began to point our bow to land and cruise eastward, Blue Whale #2 surfaced directly in front of us! We were able to get a great look at it as we continued toward Mission Bay. Closer to shore and on our way home, an exciting pod of Short-Beaked Common Dolphins were spotted by one of our passengers! The pod was filled with small babies and was fairly surface-active in general. We made sure to circle around them for a few moments and take advantage of such a fun sighting for the ride in. We’re kicking starting the weekend off in the best way, once again on The Privateer! For those of you joining us tomorrow, we’ll see you on the water!