SUPER CETACEAN SUNDAY!!! We had two phenomenal trips today! Baleen and toothed whales were very surface-active, allowing us to witness some amazing behaviors! During the morning trip, we sighted an awesome pod of ~150 Common dolphins that were very actively traveling to the SW right along the drop-off. Not too far from them, we sighted a spout in the distance! A total of FOUR Blue whales were seen during our time out in deeper water, 12-miles from shore! A cow/calf pair was seen traveling to the NE, when a third individual decided to join them. We observed some interesting behaviors, as they lunged forward, creating a lot of white water at the surface. On one occasion, we got super lucky, and witnessed a BREACH from an adult Blue whale! Due to their massive size, a Blue whale breach is unlike a breach from smaller baleen whales, but still very impressive. It almost looked like a cross between a lunge and a porpoise out of the water! AMAZING! The fun didn’t stop there! We journeyed out to deeper water, and along the drop-off, we found another pod of ~100 Common dolphins that were creating major splashes! Numerous behaviors were seen as they launched out of the water, like rockets! We observed breaches, chin-slaps, and tail slaps! Many raced toward the bow to surf our pressure wave! We continued on and sighted spouts on the horizon. While on our way to the closest spout, a BLUE whale popped up near us! We ended up finding a cow/calf pair! We observed normal surfacing behavior, until the calf decided to get curious! It swam 3-feet from the left side of our boat, and crossed the bow! We got mugged by the calf twice! The calf joined its mother and we watched as there seemed to be nursing behavior! Trash/Recyclables: THREE Mylar balloons successfully retrieved! Super fun day on the water! We hope you’ll join us soon! -Vanessa