Minke whale Monday! Guests had another great day on the water during our single trip for the day! We were greeted with flat, calm seas that allowed for incredible visibility! We could see every little splash from miles away. The great visibility gave us an edge in being able to find a few pods of Common dolphins, ranging between 10 and 75 dolphins per pod. The total for the day was ~130 individuals. We got lucky to see some interesting behaviors! Many of the pods we encountered, were observed foraging for small schooling fish! Some individuals were swimming upside down capturing the fish between them and the ocean surface. Many times some fish were seen leaping out of the water! Predator-prey interaction at its finest! One of our last and largest pods seen, had many cow/calf pairs in the mix! A single leucistic juvenile Common dolphin was also observed! On our approach to the drop-off, we spotted a single Minke whale! We watched it as it surfaced around us. It appeared to be circling in the same area, which led us to believe it was feeding. We got super lucky and the Minke whale surfaced very close to us at our bow, while we were in neutral position. We also thought we may observed two Minke’s in the area, but not 100% sure, so we will still with one individual for the books! Many guests asked where the Blue whales were, but based on reports received from other friends on the water, they seem to be farther out, beyond our reachable range. Come beat the heat, and join us on the water! -Vanessa