It was a great day to be on the water! We had two great trips today, with wildlife seen on both. During the morning trip, we had a rare encounter with a potential Bryde’s whale (pronounced BROO-tus)! A baleen whale that San Diego Whale Watch has had only FOUR confirmed sightings! We are dubbing the whale a “Mystery whale” as we didn’t get looks at the rostrum. Bryde’s whales have three distinctive ridges on the rostrum. We got to see it a handful of times as it surfaced pretty close to us. We also had a second species of baleen whale pop up, and we believe it was a Fin whale! We sighted another spout out in the distance. During the afternoon cruise, we set out for the same spot, in hopes that we could relocate the baleen whales. Along the way, we encountered a few different pods of Common dolphins, totaling us at ~150 individuals. They were pretty energetic as they approached many times to bow-ride the vessel. Another pod approached us from the North, as it stampeded our way! We continued our search for baleen whales and when our time was almost up, we got a unique radio call from a spotter plane! They reported a BLUE whale sighting! We were two miles away from it, so we zoomed over, just in time to get looks as it surfaced numerous times. We believe was likely a juvenile Blue, as it was small in size, while the spout was thin and ~10-15 ft high. We even got to see an incredible finale, as it waved goodbye to us, by showing us its flukes! Overall, it was a great day! Hope to see you on the water soon! -Vanessa