We’re not sure if there could be anything much better than a beautiful day on The Pacific with great cetacean sightings! The dolphins were out in mass numbers and we were also able to catch some baleen in the morning. During our first trip, we encountered numerous pods of Common Dolphins that amounted to ~400-500 in total! Within the same range, a Minke Whale surprised us by popping up right next to the boat! We drifted on the surface as it circled The Ohana (our sister ship!) and came up to investigate us multiple times. It was probably one of the closest Minke encounters we’ve enjoyed in a long, long time!

The Common Dolphin activity continued into the afternoon, as we spotted countless scattered pods throughout a wide range of water. We spent some time with each sub-group that was close enough to visit. Many babies were spotted and a few instances of courtship behavior were observed. On top of the fantastic sightings today, we had ideal whale watching conditions. The same is expected for tomorrow so be sure to join us while the great weather lasts! Until tomorrow, whale watchers!