Clear, blue water and the emergence of a blue sky made for a great day on The Pacific. Common Dolphins stole our attention and our hearts today as we encountered countless pods throughout a total of six hours on the water. Between both of our two trips, we were happy to see cow-calf pairs, eager bow-riders and some exciting aerial acrobatics. We experienced some of the best visibility we’ve had all week and were able to spot each pod from many miles away. The California Sea Lions were also out and about, cruising along the continental shelf and foraging! In the afternoon, we briefly spotted a male Sea Lion slamming a large fish against the surface of the ocean to break it down into smaller, more manageable sized pieces. It was absolutely beautiful on the water today and we really hope these fantastic conditions last! Nothing beats a gorgeous day on the ocean with the wildlife it has to offer. With that being said, will YOU be the next passenger to help us spot some more baleen whales?! You’d have to be on board so don’t wait to reserve your spot!