Super Cetacean Sunday is here once again! Guests had an awesome time on the water. We experienced nice sea conditions with great visibility! During both trips, we sighted both baleen whales and toothed whales! During the morning trip, we set out to the West and found numerous Common dolphin pods along the way. Pod sizes ranged from just ~20 individuals to close to ~200 individuals! All pods were traveling to the North. We saw many dolphins that were porpoising along side of the boat. We even had some curious and interactive dolphins that did some bow-riding. We head out to deeper water and got super lucky! We sighted a spout in the distance. In one area, we had a single Fin whale, a mystery whale and a COW/CALF PAIR of BRYDE’S WHALES (pronounced BROO-tus)! Bryde’s whales are a rare sighting for us! We have had only five confirmed sightings in the seven years SDWW has been out on the Pacific! So to have a cow/calf pair sighting, was simply amazing!

During the afternoon, we set out on a similar course line. Along the way, we encountered the largest animal on the planet! We found a BLUE whale! It was seen a few times, taking breaths at the surface. On two occasions the Blue whale showed its flukes, as it prepared for a deeper dive. It didn’t stay down for very long, as it was seen in somewhat shallow water, approx. 300-ft. We normally seen them further out, beyond the drop-off which is more than 600-ft deep. After that awesome sighting, we sighted multiple Common dolphin pods ranging in size between just ~10 to ~60 individuals. One of the pods was identified to be short-beaked Common dolphins! They were traveling pretty fast to the SW, but we got great looks as they zoomed by.

Trash/Recyclables: THREE Mylar balloons successfully retrieved!

We had some unexpected sightings today, so we hope you’ll join us tomorrow!