We could never get bored of seeing Common Dolphins on our tours! The acrobatics were non-stop today as we encountered numerous pods of exuberant Short-Beaked and Long-Beaked Common Dolphins! Nearly every pod was filled with itty-bitty calves! On the morning trip, ~240 dolphins were seen and each sub-group was eager to bow-ride and interact with The Privateer. While observing some of the dolphins, we were able to get a great look at a Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) as it basked at the surface beside the boat.

Our afternoon on the water was just as dolphin-packed as the morning. We spotted four different pods of Common Dolphins and counted ~300 in total. The tiniest of newborn babies were seen swimming alongside the mothers and learning to porpoise! Overall, it was a fantastic day on The Pacific with great sea conditions. We hope to see two full boats of whale watchers tomorrow. Until then!