It was a PHENOMENAL DAY aboard the Privateer! Throughout the day, we got super lucky and found both baleen whales and toothed whales! During the morning trip, we had fun watching pod after pod of Common dolphins! There was plenty of small schooling fish, bubbling up at the surface with many birds diving into the water feeding. Common dolphins took advantage of the feeding frenzy, and guests got to see awesome feeding behaviors. We had a total of ten different pods, that were scattered along the drop-off and beyond. We found ourselves close to 10-miles from shore searching for baleen whales. On our return trip toward the coast, we sighted a tall, columnar spout! We had found a BLUE whale! It had short dive times, which allowed us to see it many times. It was traveling moderately to the SW. During the afternoon cruise, we had another amazing trip filled with non-stop marine activity! As we ventured out to deeper water, we found a few Common dolphin pods all around the drop-off. There was still plenty of diving birds in the area, indicating they were feeding on bait fish. In the midst of it all, we sighted a short, bushy spout! We had found TWO HUMPBACK whales! One individual had short dive times of only 4-min! We got to see one Humpback circling in one area. The other appeared to be slowly traveling to the NW. We got to see the spout, followed by the head, back, dorsal fin, and flukes (tail)! After only a handful of surfacings for breaths, one individual seemed to always show its flukes upon sounding dive! Common dolphins entertained us between dives. We got to see breaching, and porpoising behaviors. Common dolphin calves were also seen traveling with their mothers. Overall, a fintastic day! Trash/Recyclables: ONE Mylar balloon successfully retrieved! Come out soon, there was plenty of action in the Pacific! -Vanessa