Happy Minke Monday!!! Our day on the water was filled with great toothed and baleen whale sightings. We encountered a MEGAPOD (over 1,000 individuals) of Common Dolphins on our morning trip! The pod stretched for miles and we were completely surrounded by surface active dolphins for an extended period of time. As if the megapod wasn’t incredible enough, a giant flash of turquoise startled us on our way to the west..a Minke Whale was swimming BELLY-UP beside the boat! We were able to confirm the species as soon as it came up for a breath and circled our boat! The Minke swam belly-up beside us not once but TWICE and we were lucky enough to watch it swim beneath our boat (visible at ~50 ft. below the surface!). Every time we tried to clear the area, the Minke Whale popped up within close range once more. An additional, smaller pod of Common Dolphins (~30) was spotted on the way back to Mission Bay. In the afternoon, another thousand Common Dolphins were spotted! Within five separate groups, roughly 1,030 dolphins were seen swimming along the boat and leaping out of the water! We enjoyed some beautiful conditions on the water today and expect even better during our trips tomorrow. Lucky for you, we’re light on reservations. Come hang out with us and the amazing wildlife we’ve been seeing lately! Have a great night, whale watchers.