Glassy water and Common Dolphins go so well together! Both of our trips were filled with exciting Short-Beaked Common Dolphin encounters and countless pods were spotted throughout the day. In the morning, 5 separate pods amounting to ~1,100 dolphins were spotted in total. The Short-Beaked Common Dolphins stuck around for our afternoon trip and we passed through a pod of ~200 of them as they exhibited some enthusiastic acrobatics! In addition to our great cetacean sightings, a few scattered boils of tuna were briefly visible at the surface this afternoon.

We can’t even begin to explain how perfect the conditions were today. Luckily for you, we expect the same for tomorrow! We WILL be selling out so be sure to book ASAP if you’re looking to join us tomorrow. See you on the water, whale watchers.

Trash/recyclables: 1 mylar balloon