Happy Tursiops Tuesday! The Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins were out in mass numbers today and were spotted on both trips! On our morning trip, we briefly encountered ~350 Common Dolphins before turning toward a sighting of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins! We passed through an enormous spread of ~100 Bottlenose. Many of the dolphins engaged in aerial acrobatics and eagerly bow-rode at the front of the boat. We even spotted a few calves with newborn fetal folds! In addition to toothed whales, EIGHT Minke Whales (the most we’ve ever spotted on one three-hour trip!) were seen throughout the morning! We were only able to get great looks at a few of them, while watching others at a far distance. As a bonus, one HAMMERHEAD SHARK was seen swimming along at the surface for a short span of time.

The Minke Whales AND Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins stuck around for our afternoon trip! We observed a traveling Minke Whale long enough to get some pretty fantastic looks until the Offshore Bottlenose were re-sighted. We were lucky enough to see the same exciting behaviors all over again with our afternoon passengers! Join us tomorrow as we strive for another fun day, full of amazing sightings!