It was such an incredible day full of variety! A Fin whale and Offshore Bottlenose dolphins were the highlight of our single trip today! We also had appearances from a Minke whale, Humpback whale, and a couple small pods of Common dolphins! The nice sea conditions made it easy for us to spot all the wildlife present! We set out and initially found a small pod of ~10 Common dolphins. We got out to the drop-off and found a Minke whale! It surfaced for breaths three times. While waiting for it to come up, a pod of ~15 Offshore Bottlenose dolphins showed up! They stole our attention and watched as they traveled beside us just subsurface. Some raced to the bow to ride the pressure wave. We were completely surrounded at one point. One of the active Bottlenose dolphins kept breaching in front of us. While traveling up to the north, a Humpback whale spout was sighted. It was traveling pretty fast and tried to catch up to it. While waiting for it to come up for a deeper dive, we thought it changed direction and saw it traveling behind us, to the west. To our surprise, we found a Fin whale! We observed some interesting behaviors, such as rolling, belly-up swimming, and whale poop!

Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!

Overall it was an exciting trip, full of non-stop action! Come join us on the Pacific soon!