Happy MINKE MONDAY!!! TWO Minke Whales gave us an unforgettable experience this morning. We initially spotted numerous alarmingly large splashes, followed by substantial surface activity. Although we’re certain that at least two additional mystery animals (likely two more Minke Whales) were present, we were shocked to see two Minke Whales interacting with one another. They occasionally swam side-by-side and engaged in what appeared to be courtship behavior. We witnessed some special and atypical behaviors, including one of the whales swimming belly-up right in front of us and both of them SURFING in the waves! This is the first time the San Diego Whale Watch crew has observed Minke Whales surfing, just as smaller toothed whales often do! It was such an amazing trip, we wish we could go out again this afternoon. Breaching Humpback Whales yesterday and surfing Minke Whales today?! Boy, you’re missing out if you’re not whale watching this week. See you on the water, whale watchers!