It was an absolutely gorgeous day! We set out on the Pacific ocean, and were pleasantly greeted with extremely calm seas! It was glassy with very little swell throughout most of our trip. The great conditions allowed for us to spot so many different species of wildlife. Today, we lucked out and found three species of pinnipeds (to include eared seals, and true seals). We started our tour with observing California sea lions resting at the bait receiver. As we traveled in the channel, we sighted a single, very brave Harbor seal resting in a kelp paddy. It stayed up at the surface while everyone got to check it out. Along the way out to the west, we found many different bird species, like phallaropes, shearwaters, a Northern Fulmar, and our first for the season: a trio of Western grebe’s. We normally see them Dec-April. While out 12-miles from shore, we found an awesome pod of ~75 Common dolphins! They were very low profile, upon approach, but after awhile, they began porpoising, breaching, tail-slapping, and chin-slapping! A few cow/calf pairs were also seen around our boat. On our way back toward the coast, we found a Northern Elephant seal! It resting at the surface, long enough for us to check it out! Overall, the trip was wonderful, despite not finding any baleen whales. We have two trips tomorrow, hope to see you soon! -Vanessa