Freaky Friday! Wow! We found a pod of PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHINS! We left the Mission Bay jetties, and were only a couple miles from shore and sighted some splashing and dorsal fins. We knew we had some dolphins in the area, but were completely surprised when we noticed their unique dorsal fins! Pacific white-sided dolphins have very arched/falcate dorsal fins that are also bi-colored! They have a dark leading edge, followed by a white-trailing edge. The sea conditions were incredible! Super, flat and calm waters, paired with these beauties was an amazing experience! Even though we had overcast skies, we could easily see them swimming subsurface, and right beside the vessel. We normally start seeing this species of toothed whale during the winter/spring time, but this was a very early sighting! We watched them as they continued their travel toward the south. We changed our heading to the west, out to deeper water and searched for more wildlife. Sightings included flying fish, and a couple of bait balls. No luck in the baleen whale department, but we will be out all day tomorrow searching for them. We expect bee-you-tifu sea conditions! Hope you can join us! -Vanessa