Not one, not two, but THREE species of toothed whale were encountered on our single, three-hour trip this morning! We were thoroughly satisfied after hanging out with a big, boat-friendly pod of Common Dolphins and began making our way back to Mission Bay. On our way home, we were taken back by numerous large splashes in the distance behind us. We didn’t expect the day to get even better! To our surprise, we found an intermixed pod of both Risso’s Dolphins and Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins! They interacted very closely and appeared to be socializing. We noticed quite a few Offshore Bottlenose calves and witnessed exciting breaching behavior from the Risso’s! Unfortunately, we were pushing the clock too much to stick around and enjoy them for more than a few brief passes. Luckily, we were able to observe more than enough surface activity during than span of time. You truly NEVER know what you’ll find on The Pacific! See you next time, whale watchers!