Thrilling Cetacean Thursday! Pacific white-sided dolphins, Common dolphins and HUMPBACK WHALES were all seen today! And no that is not a typo – we sighted multiple individuals of all three species! All the action began at the drop-off. Our first sighting was of a scattered pod of ~12-16 Pacific white-sided dolphins! They were really interested in us, as they raced to the bow, to bow-ride, and even surfed in our wake! Many individuals even picked up their heads to take a peek at us! We tend to encounter elusive/shy pods, but these guys were AMAZING! A Brown booby was also sighted in the area! From there, we went south, and sighted splashes in the distance! It turned out to be a nice pod of ~100 Common dolphins! They were very acrobatic, as they porpoised, breached, surfed, and bow-rode the pressure wave at our bow! We sighted many cow/calf pairs that came to check us out. We were on our way back home, and suddenly, Captain Cristin sighted a HUGE splash! She sighted a whale BREACH! We went north to investigate, and after some time, we sighted spouts in the distance! We observed not one, not two, or even three spouts…we had possibly FOUR or FIVE HUMPBACK WHALES! They were very surface active, as they rolled around, and even pec-slapped! One humpback whale swam upside down, and picked up both pectoral flippers out of the water! We hung out in neutral as they passed us by, and continued south! Guests on the Ohana had the best time ever!
We hope to see you on our next trip, which is on Saturday!
Sea you on the water!