HURRAH for HUMPBACKS! They are still passing by San Diego in abundance. THREE southbound Humpback Whales were spotted this morning, including one pair that paralleled one another consistently. Although we didn’t spend much time with the third individual, we observed the pair exhibiting some cool surface behaviors including one powerful lunge forward (exposing the entire rostrum!), brief pectoral fin slapping and consistent raising of the tail-flukes! It looked as though they had been playing in the many kelp patties we saw during our trip, as they had kelp hanging from various spots on their bodies. Shortly after waving goodbye to the whales, we got a quick glimpse of one tiny Mako Shark before it was startled away by our boat.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphins also made a spectacular appearance this morning! Roughly 25-30 of them were scattered around The Ohana, while a few were eager to hang out with us. By a small handful of the dolphins, we observed bow-riding, surfing beside the boat and porpoising along with us! We are loving the gorgeous conditions lately and the amazing wildlife we’ve seen this week! If you were unable to join us this morning, our sister company, Cruise San Diego, will be hosting another Sunset Dolphin/Whale Watch Cruise this evening. It departs at 3:30 PM, so make sure you reserve a spot FAST!