It was Sunday Fun-day on The Ohana with two Humpback Whales! We only had one trip today but it was well-spent with two boat-friendly humpbacks that swam beside us and occasionally approached the boat with curiosity. One of the two whales raised its flukes, prior to every sounding dive we observed! Just like the rest of the Humpback Whales we’ve seen throughout the last few weeks, they consistently traveled to the south. We searched far and wide for any sign of dolphin activity but sadly fell short in that department today. Instead, we spotted countless California Sea Lions as we enjoyed some impeccable visibility and sea conditions. Your next opportunity to join us on the water will be on Tuesday..unless you’re interested in joining our sister company, Cruise San Diego, for a Sunset Dolphin/Whale Watching cruise this evening. The trip departs at 3:30 PM so head over to to book your spot on the boat! See you out there, whale watchers!