Super Cetacean Saturday sure did carry into our Sunday morning trip! We enjoyed TWO relatively uncommon species of toothed whale, Risso’s Dolphins AND Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins, interacting with one another! We spotted them from miles away, once a few enormous splashes began to appear on the horizon. Initially, we only spotted the Risso’s until we passed through the middle of the pod to find a scattered few Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins in the mix. Both species actively bow-rode in front of our boat and surrounded us with exciting surface behaviors! Our passengers observed breaching, porpoising and tail-slapping from the Risso’s Dolphins, all of which are a lucky treat to see from this species. We even matched a few individuals to pods we have seen in the past! If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll stick around for our sister company, Cruise San Diego, during their evening dolphin/whale watching sunset cruise (departs at 3:30!!!). If you’re interested in booking a spot, head on over to See you out there, whale watchers!