Thursday, December 13, 2018
It was another beautiful day on the water! We were greeted to nice, calm seas, and great visibility. As soon as we left the Mission Bay jetty’s we encountered a fun pod of ~20 Pacific white-sided dolphins! They were pretty interactive with the boat as they came over to check us out and bow-ride! They seemed to be a curious pod, because on several occasions they would do some people watching and take a look up at us. We continued to the north, along the coast in search of any migrating Gray whales. After reaching La Jolla, we set out to the drop-off in search of baleen and other toothed whales. Plenty of marine birds, and a California sea lion made an appearance. We traveled along the coast near Point Loma, and on our way back north, we sighted some porpoising Pacific white-sided dolphins! Three to five individuals were launching out of the water in one spot! We zoomed over to the action, and likely found the same pod we had earlier in the trip, as there were roughly the same quantity and composition. This time around, one of the calves was being playful and sped up to the bow! We observed them surf in our wake, along with a California sea lion!
Overall, it was an awesome day! If you would like to join us for an adventure on our Dolphin and Whale Watching Sunset cruise we have this afternoon at 3:30pm, please book now at!