We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! We sure did enjoy being back on the water after the holiday. It was quite a bumpy ride this morning, but we were lucky enough to see a Gray Whale and Common Dolphins this afternoon! Almost immediately after exiting the Mission Bay channel, the prominent spout of a large, south-bound Gray Whale was spotted. We observed the whale as it made brief appearances at the surface in-between dives. Further away from the coast, a friendly pod of ~150 Common Dolphins greeted us by bow-riding and surfing along with us. They had plenty of natural swell to surf in so we also observed them surfing near-by. Overall, it was a great day on The Pacific! We expect the conditions to lay down significantly after tomorrow, for whoever plans to join us soon! We have been selling out FAST this week to don’t wait to book your spot. Until next time, whale watchers!