Gray Whale Galore! What an INCREDIBLE day we had at San Diego Whale Watch! Although we had a bit of stormy weather, it didn’t stop us from witnessing our FIRST NORTH bound Gray whale this morning. We also had the opportunity to witness a cow calf pair traveling south bound to Mexican waters. This calf was the SMALLEST calf I have ever seen, swimming very closely to mom during their journey.
As we observed the cow calf pair we saw another spout in the distance, southwest of us. This particular whale was a bit shy, so we turned north to find more south bound Gray whales. But instead of whales, we came upon Pacific white sided dolphins in a feeding frenzy with California sea lions and different species of marine birds. Suddenly, one of our passengers spotted two whales side by side not far from our vessel! They were snorkeling for a bit at the surface then disappeared into a sound dive.
In total, we had 5 visible Gray whales, including a cow calf pair and 12 Pacific white sided dolphins! Come join us on our next trip, Thursday morning, before we sell out!

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