We braved the swells today to find some awesome sightings! We encountered some big waves and some big whales! During our single trip for the day, we set out to the north, hugging the coast. Along the way, a Gray whale cow/calf pair popped up in front of us! We slowed down and watched them pass us as they traveled to the SW. The calf was recently born, as it was squeaky clean and very small! While watching them, we sighted another spout in the distance. We hung out and watched it surface for three breaths and go down for 6-7min dives. Luckily, we observed its flukes on each dive. We sighted another Gray whale to the north. We watched it head down south, with multiple spouts, backs, and tails sighted. On our way, we also sighted a pod of ~five Pacific white-sided dolphins! They were observed feeding on small schooling fish. Seabirds were also diving into the water taking advantage of the food source. A single California sea lion was trying to keep up! Overall, it was a great time on the water! Hope to sea you soon! -Vanessa

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