What an amazing way to start the NEW YEAR 2019 with 2 EPIC trips!
On our morning trip our guest had the opportunity to witness a feeding frenzy that involved a variety of different sea birds, sea lions and dolphins! Not just one species of dolphin but two different species: Pacific white sided and Common dolphins!! Right after this encounter, we got a report of a Gray whale heading south! Although we were short on time, we took the chance to catch up with this whale and our luck paid off! All of our guest were pretty excited to witness one of the longest migrations on the planet.
Our luck didn’t stop there! On our second trip, we immediately spotted a small pod of Pacific white sided dolphins feeding with birds hoovering above. Then low and behold a spout appeared right in the mix! We found another Gray whale! Absolutely incredible! Everyone was pretty happy and surprised, including our crew! Shortly after that, we got ANOTHER report of a Gray whale that was in the area that showed it’s fluke right before it went on it’s deeper dives! Wow, we couldn’t ask for a more EPIC day out on the water!

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