Its always a great day on the water when you’re treated to much better sea conditions than what you anticipated! We arrived at the marina expecting a bumpy day on the water and instead sailed smoothly through both of our whale watching trips. In the morning, we spotted FIVE southbound Gray Whales including one single adult, one single/juvenile pair and one cow-calf pair! The highlight of the morning wold have to have been the cow-calf pair of Gray Whales. The newborn calf and its mother briefly turned toward our vessel and passed us by for a quick, breathtaking look! In addition to Gray Whales, our passengers were lucky enough to see THREE different species of toothed whale! Both Common Dolphins and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins were observed foraging for food and associating with California Sea Lions. On our return visit through the Mission Bay jetties, a trio of Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins stopped us in our tracks to bow-ride.

On our afternoon trip, Common Dolphins and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins were plentiful and we witnessed them hunting in small groups throughout the trip. We also spotted a few California Sea Lions in between each pod. It was nothing short of a great day on the water! See you next time, whale watchers!

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