Gray Whales and dolphins and babies, oh my! Everything was in our favor this morning. The conditions were perfect and the wildlife was non-stop! We quickly spotted our first sighting, soon after exiting the jetties. In shallow water, numerous feeding frenzies full of seabirds, Common Dolphins and California Sea Lions were observed. After zigzagging through each group, we turned to the north to find a cow-calf pair of Gray Whales! Although the mother wasn’t too interested in showing off her new baby, we were lucky enough to get a decent look at them before spotting two additional southbound Gray Whales. The third whale was fairly large in size while the fourth was a young juvenile. As we cruised back to land, a feeding frenzy of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins caught our attention for a few moments before we continued home. We’re expecting these gorgeous conditions to continue throughout the week so hurry up and book your spot on the boat before we sell out!

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