Every single thing was on our side this morning! SO many factors come into play when assessing each trip, and one of the things we don’t always mention is how fantastic our passengers are! We had a fabulous group on board to enjoy great wildlife and ideal conditions with. It was smooth sailing throughout the entire trip and for the most part, the wildlife was fairly consistent. The trip started off quickly, with a trio of southbound Gray Whales right outside of the jetties. We joined them for countless cycles at the surface and watched them all raise their flukes for each and every dive. In between Gray Whale sightings, a pod of ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins briefly engaged with the boat and a NURSERY POD of Common Dolphins swam along with us. On the trek back to land, a single Gray Whale (appeared to be a calf, but neither the individual nor a mature female was ever spotted again) gave us the slip after a few breaths and the last pair of the day passed us by near the Mission Bay coast. Thank you all for showing us a great time today while we got to show you some really cool stuff! Until next time, whale watchers!

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