Today we encountered SEVENTEEN Gray whales on our single 3-hour trip! This was the most Gray whales we have seen in one day during the 2018-2019 Gray whale season! Not to mention, we sighted more spouts out in the distance that we didn’t catch up with. To start our day, one of our passengers who was celebrating her birthday sighted the first pair of Gray whales! We spent some time observing their spouts, heads, bodies, and flukes! We traveled south with them for a while before continuing to the north. Once we got to La Jolla, an explosion of Gray whales was observed! Roughly at the same time, three separate pods of Gray whales were sighted. All sightings included a pair or trio with one group potentially being a quad. We got lucky and one pair came close to our boat, as they surfaced one right after the other, and then going down for a dive. To top off our adventure, a pod of ~75 Common dolphins was sighted right before we were headed back to Mission Bay. We enjoyed watching them as they were being playful around our boat.
Overall, it was an incredible day on the water! We hope to see you soon, the peak season for the southbound migration is here!

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