The wildlife brought us to complete BREATHLESSNESS today! On both trips, our passengers were able to observe baleen whales AND toothed whales, through numerous sightings of each type. On the morning trip, we spotted our first southbound Gray Whale of the day off the coast of Point Loma. It appeared to be fully mature and allowed us to parallel it in a slow journey toward Mexican water. Sandwiched in the middle of a pod of ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins was an elusive cow-calf pair of Gray Whales! We kept our distance to be respectful, as the pair seemed frightened by boat activity and zigzagged in various directions. We were rewarded with the BEST kind of karma when a second cow-calf pair stopped us in our tracks outside of Mission Bay. At a far distance, we cut the engines to let them pass and the mother escorted her recently born calf straight to the bow of our boat! The calf swam on the mothers back as they simultaneously checked us out with obvious curiosity. Our crew and the passengers were stunned and we couldn’t help but show emotion as they did a bit of people watching!!
Although we did not see any Gray Whale calves this afternoon, we did see one juvenile, one BREACHING adult, and numerous pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! Our first Gray Whale sighting of the afternoon was a young juvenile that lifted its flukes with nearly every dive and didn’t mind hanging out with us as it traveled. A few pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins were encountered until a second, larger Gray Whale breached right behind us! Although our crew were not at the right place at the right time, many of our passengers were lucky enough to see at least one of the two breaches! Overall it was a SPECTACULAR day of whale watching. YOU could have the same luck if you join us tomorrow! See you on the water, whale watchers!

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