The incoming storm held off just long enough to fit in some amazing sightings before closing shop for a few days. We are scheduled to be back on the water this Friday and we’re close to selling out, so don’t miss your opportunity to go whale watching! We found FIVE southbound Gray Whales today, excluding the numerous whales we spotted in the distance that were not observed closely. Three separate individuals swiftly traveled to the south and allowed us to watch them as they paralleled the boat. Our final pair of Gray Whales was spotted miles ahead of the vessel when we saw one of them breaching! Between 12-15 breaches were seen upon our initial approach; although, the individual settled down by the time we had reached their location. Even so, the pair was great to watch, from a distance and within close range! In addition, two pods of ~5 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins were found at the very beginning and end portions of our trip. We’re off the water until Friday morning so we’ll see you then to kick off the weekend!

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