Another storm has finally passed and the conditions were perfect this morning! we experienced the last of the bumps yesterday and the crew is crossing fingers for a long stretch of clear skies and calm seas. Although it may be a little misty tomorrow, we expect another day of fair water conditions. The weather alone made for a great day but the wildlife was just as fantastic! We exited the jetties to find numerous feeding frenzies full of plummeting sea birds, California Sea Lions, ~60 Common Dolphins and ~3-4 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. We circled each sub-group and enjoyed a bout of foraging behavior accompanied by brief periods of bow-riding dolphins!

To the south of Mission Bay, a pair of southbound Gray Whales was spotted, consisting of 1 mature adult and a potential yearling. Although they eventually split off from one another, everyone was able to observe each individual before we parted ways. On our way home, a few scattered groups of Common Dolphins and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins briefly made an appearance outside of the jetties. What a great day! It looks like a few more spots are available for our trips this weekend. Hurry up and grab them before we sell out! See you in the morning, whale watchers!

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