It might as well be fluke-day today! We spotted numerous Gray Whales throughout a total of six hours on the water, most of which were what we like to call flukers. Five southbound Gray Whales were observed on the morning trip while we found a pair this afternoon. On both trips, our passengers were lucky enough to see the Gray Whale tail (referred to as flukes) being raised in preparation for deeper dives. Nearly every Gray Whale we spotted today fluked at least once! Although it was a brief encounter, we also cruised through a small pod of ~10 Common Dolphins this morning upon our exit from the Mission Bay jetties! Instead of dolphins, our afternoon crowd enjoyed the cutest and most curious Harbor Seal encounter as a small individual approached the boat to take a peak at us. The dolphin activity seemed a little low today but being surrounded by Gray Whales definitely made up for that! See you on the water tomorrow, whale watchers!

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