It was an awesome time on the water! The visibility and sea conditions were fantastic! During the morning, we sighted Gray whales, Common dolphins and Pacific white-sided dolphins. The Gray whale encounter was AMAZING! We watched as a northbound migrating pair rolled around near the surface. We could see the flukes, the back, and even sides! Every time they surfaced, their barnacles and lice were seen on their heads. One of the Gray whales was rolling around, while most of the time was seen swimming upside down! This was observed with help with the help from drone pilot Domenic Biagini. Common dolphins were also sighted near the drop-off! We watched as they came over to check us out! There were plenty of cow/calf pairs all around us, including the bow.
During the afternoon trip, we set out and found a scattered pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins! They popped up all around us as they traveled to the north. We set out to the SW and sighted a few spouts. We waited for them to surface again, but they were never seen! We waited as long as we could before moving on. We traveled north along the drop-off and then back south along the coastline. We got to Sunset Cliffs and found an awesome pod of ~40 Pacific white-sided dolphins that were traveling very fast to the north. A handful came over to ride the bow for a while.
Overall, it was a great day! We hope you join us on the water soon!

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