We couldn’t believe how beautiful it was on the ocean today! On our morning trip, we passed through pod after pod of hunting Common Dolphins! ~700-800 dolphins swooped through massive bait balls along with California Sea Lions and various types of sea birds. On our way back to land, an elusive Gray Whale made a few brief appearances at the surface. It looked to be a yearling and showed clear signs of boat-weariness so we left it behind!
In the afternoon, we exited the jetties to find a feeding frenzy of ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, California Sea Lions and sea birds. We cruise by to observe the foraging activity until we were ready to search for some baleen. Far to the southwest, a single Humpback Whale was encountered and one Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) paralleled the boat on the way home.
I think the word is out that San Diego is a HOT-SPOT for wildlife lately..hurry up and join us while it lasts!
Trash/recyclables: ZERO!

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