Fin Fluke Wednesday! What an incredible, rare, unique encounter we had this morning! It took a bit of time to find a QUAD of the second largest whale in the world, Fin whales! Among this encounter our crew and guest got to see a rare moment in time; a Fin whale raise it’s tail fluke while going into a deeper dive! It was absolutely breathtaking and exhilaration to watch!!! The quad was at the surface milling a bit and giving us amazing looks. But our luck didn’t stop there, as we headed back towards land we spotted a Guadalupe Fur Seal!! It was thermo-regulating at the surface sticking out it’s fore flipper and hind flipper. SUPER CUTE to watch. And to top it off, we ran into a small pod of Common dolphins at the end, right before we hit the channel.
All in all, we had a RARE and SPECTACULAR, memorable trip here at San Diego Whale Watch! Come join us soon! It’s only the beginning of our season and it’s only going to get BETTER!
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