We enjoyed beautiful seas, skies and sightings today! Our first sighting was a small, but fun pod of ~15 Common dolphin that met us just outside the Mission Bay jetties. They were seen all around, popping up beside us. Some zoomed to the bow to surf the pressure wave, while others surfed our wake! We set out to the NW and got to 5-miles outside of Birdrock. We flipped around and journeyed to the south. While on our way down, a pod of ~60 Risso’s dolphins appeared out of nowhere! We could see their extremely tall dorsal fins, and their bodies as they swam subsurface. We could see as they surfaced for breaths, distinct small spouts. We left them behind due to a report of a whale down south. We got to the last known sighting location, but never saw it again. We saw spouts upon approach and they appeared to be pretty tall and dense spouts. Based on our friends description of the whale, the baleen whale may have been a Blue whale! Blue whale season is around the corner so it is a good possibility. Crossing our fingers we get to see one soon! On our way in, we sighted our third toothed whale sighting! We encountered a handful of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins at the mouth of the jetties.
Trash/Recyclables: 2 Mylar balloons, a bundle of 6 Mylar balloons, and 1 latex balloon successfully retrieved!
See you on our next adventure!