We spent a great time on the water today! The conditions were amazing! During our morning trip, we had multiple sightings of Common dolphins! We observed a total of ~240 Common dolphins over four pods. Most of the Common dolphins were in travel mode, but always came over to check us out. On one of our encounters we observed an awesome feeding frenzy! There were hundreds of birds diving into the water in one aggregated area! Common dolphins were chasing and herding small schooling fish below the birds. We passed by the bait ball and could that it was thousands of anchovies trying to avoid being eaten! We observed many surface active behaviors where the Common dolphins would work together and cooperatively hunt the fish! It was an incredible sight to see! In addition to the dolphins, a flying fish, Harbor seal and a few California sea lions were also observed on our trip! We had a brief encounter with a Mystery whale that only surfaced a handful of times. We are leaning toward Minke whale, but cannot be 100% sure.
During the afternoon, we enjoyed more pleasant seas as we journeyed out to the SW. We observed many different species of birds, and a couple kelp paddies. Our furthest distance from Mission Bay was 13-miles! Unfortunately, we did not locate any marine mammals, beside a few California sea lions. We will cross our fingers for more wildlife on Thursday!
Trash/Recyclables: FIVE Mylar balloons successfully retrieved!