We had an AMAZING day full of toothed whales and baleen whales! During our morning trip, we sighted a pod of ~50 False killer whales! A very rare sighting for us here in San Diego. They normally spend their time in tropical and subtropical waters. We found them to the north, outside of Del Mar, the farthest up the west coast the Privateer has ever been! The false killer whales were traveling up the coast quickly at ~6kts! They were all around the boat with some sighted at our bow! Some even breached and porpoised out of the water around us! See our previous post for a video of our encounter! We sighted a couple of spouts in the distance, but unfortunately we couldn’t catch up with them. On our way back to Mission Bay, we encountered an exuberant pod of ~75 Common dolphins with many dolphins leaping out of the water!

During the afternoon trip, we had another stellar trip filled with Blue whales and Common dolphins! We journeyed to the south and found ourselves beyond the end of Point Loma. Before we knew it, we were jumping for joy as a large, dense spout was sighted! We found two Blue whales, the largest animals on the planet! They were in shallow water, at 262-ft of water. We observed them circling in one spot. We even snapped a photo of our depth finder that indicated that one of the Blue whales dove under our boat, at 100-120 ft below us! To top it off, whale poo was excreted indicating they were feeding on krill! The fun didn’t stop there, we sighted Common dolphins on our way home that were thrilling to watch. They played near the vessel, often racing to the bow or surfing in our wake!

Trash/Recyclables: ONE mylar balloon successfully retrieved!

Photo of the Blue Whale next to the Privateer by Domenic Biagini

The Pacific Ocean is one amazing and wild place, let us show you what it has to hold! Come join us soon! We never know what we will see out there!

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