We enjoyed an awesome day on the water observing social Fin whales and acrobatic Common dolphins! This afternoon, we set out toward the west and the moment we got to the drop-off we found an exciting pod of ~75 Short-beaked Common dolphins! Their acrobatic and energetic nature was stunning to see! They were breaching, porpoising, chin- and tail-slapping all around us! There were cow/calf pairs observed bow-riding and surfing in our wake! We continued out into deeper water andsighted two very large spouts! We sighted THREE very social Fin whales! They had short dive times of only 3 to 5-min long. They were surface active, remaining up at the surface for long periods of time. We observed one Fin whale turn upside down, belly up at least 4 times! We could see the ventral pleats and its mammary slits indicating it was a female! During one very special moment, they came toward us and crossed our bow, only 5 feet away! We normally observe these Fin whales in feeding mode, but today was different. They were socializing and potential courtship behaviors were witnessed! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Join us on our next trip! The wildlife is incredible!

Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!!!

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