We hung out with the largest and second largest whales on the planet today! During the morning trip, we pointed our nose to the SW in search of wildlife. We found a pod of ~25 Common dolphins right in the middle of a feeding frenzy! We continued on to find a Harbor seal, and some California sea lions. Out to the west, after reaching the drop-off, we sighted a very tall spout! We located a Blue whale that was short winded, and only stayed down for an average of 5-8min! While waiting for it to surface, a cow/calf pair of Blue whales popped up in the distance! We got to see as they made tight circles and then go for deep dives. To top off our encounter, two Fin whales popped up near us! They too were feeding in the same area. On our way home, we sighted a pod of ~100 Common dolphins that were traveling to the south.

During our afternoon trip, we had more amazing activity. We sighted Common dolphins along the way to the SW. There were ~50 dolphins around us, that were surfing in our wake and riding the bow. We got to our whale hotspot zone and huge Blue whale surfaced in front of us! We estimate it was close to 90-ft long! To our surprise, upon diving it raised its massive flukes! It had a short dive time of only 5-min. We sighted another cow/calf pair of Blue whales in the distance. We observed as they circled in one area. On occasion, they even synchronized their breaths. A Fin whale was reported nearby, so we got lucky in watching a few breathing cycles before heading home.

Enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day on our boat watching the largest animals on the planet!

Trash/Recyclables: 6 Mylar balloons successfully retrieved!

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