The sky may have been a bit gray today but the whales were BLUE! Blue Whales are circling San Diego water RIGHT NOW! We don’t want to call it too soon but we are itching to exclaim that the Blue Whale season of 2019 has officially begun. As a perfect fit for Mother’s Day, one Blue Whale cow-calf pair was spotting this morning! We observed it for one breathing cycle until spotting a third, adult individual. While watching the whale nearby, we noticed countless enormous spouts on the horizon that we didn’t have the time to investigate (likely more blues!). Sandwiching our Blue Whale sightings were scattered pods of Common Dolphins, amounting to ~285 dolphins in total! 

On our afternoon trip, we spotted four Blue Whales nearby and an additional few spouts in the distance around us. We bounced between whales in an attempt to get a look at as many individuals as possible. On our way back to shore, a small handful of ~5 Common Dolphins split off from their travels to investigate the boat. The Blue Whale count is racking up and we’re thrilled to have them back in San Diego! Until next time, whale watchers. 

Trash/recyclables collected: 6 mylar balloons

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