Colossal Tuesday! We had an incredible day on the water. As we exit the jetties, we encountered a small group of inshore Bottlenose dolphins that were traveling south bound. We continued our search and got very lucky to see several pods of short-beaked and long-beaked Common dolphins! They approached our vessel to bow ride giving our guest a closer look as they watched with excitement. Later we found a stealthy Fin whale that was pretty long winded not giving us the best view but our luck changed shortly after! As we headed to shore, we found 3 Blue whales! We were close on time but because this was such a unique experience, we extended our trip! Our guest were ecstatic especially when one of the whales came close to our vessel for a period of time! You could see the entire body, hear it spout and see the details of its coloration. This was an EPIC trip! Come join us on our next trip on Thursday, tickets are still available.

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