Cetacean Tuesday! Both trips were packed with lots of action and multiple species sightings!
Our morning trip started off a little foggy, with limited visibility. As we ventured further west, the conditions changed as we spotted a pod of Offshore Bottlenose dolphins! It was a small pod but we still had the pleasure to enjoy this unique encounter. Our luck continued as we located a medium size, active pod of Common dolphins! And to top off the morning trip, we had the opportunity to spend time with 3 of the largest animals on the planet….the Blue whale! 
In the afternoon, the visibility cleared up significantly and the sunshine was in full force! We had another AMAZING trip, filled with dolphin sightings from both short-beaked and long-beaked Common dolphins! Our guest got to also witness 3 Blue whales, as one of them mugged us with curiosity as we observed it’s behavior! 
Our next trip is tomorrow, so buy your tickets now before we sell out! We only have 1 trip starting at 10am!

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