What an incredible day for the unexpected! We saw SIX different species of cetacean today, as well as an unidentifiable species of pelagic Sting Ray. This morning’s trip included a fluking Blue Whale as well as a young Humpback Whale! The Humpback Whale could be seen associating with a small pod or Short-Beaked Common Dolphins. The highlight of the morning was when the Humpback suddenly lurched towards the sky in a fantastic head-lunge style breach! (See photo below)

The afternoon was just as epic! Nearly twelve miles from shore we came across a positively mind-blowing pod of about 50 offshore Bottlenose Dolphins! It was by far one of the most acrobatic pods of Bottlenose we’ve ever seen! On numerous occasions they jumped nearly TWENTY feet out of the water! As if that wasn’t enough, a friendly Minke Whale gave us some incredible close looks on the way home! Not to be forgotten, a small pod of Long-Beaked Common Dolphins capped off a gorgeous trip on the Pacific as we arrived back at the Mission Bay jetties. You really never know what you’re going to see out here!